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Cloint India Pvt. Ltd - Python functions for Robotic Process Automation shortly RPA.

What is ClointFusion?

ClointFusion is an Indian firm based in Vadodara, Gujarat. ClointFusion is a Python-based RPA platform for developing Software BOTs. Using AI, we’re working on Common Man’s RPA.

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Release Notes


ClointFusion is now supported on Windows / Ubuntu / macOS* !

Windows :

Windows users can download EXE pre-loaded with Python 3.9 and ClointFusion package: <a href=’’ target=”_blank”>Windows EXE</a>


  • ClointFusion is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

  • Installing on a Windows PC is a breeze.

  • Make certain that Python 3.8 or Python 3.9 is installed.

  • Then, from the command prompt, execute the following command.

    pip install -U ClointFusion

Ubuntu :

  • Clointfusion requires sudo rights to install on Ubuntu.

  • Additional Linux packages must be installed before Clointfusion can be installed.

  • Make certain that Python 3.8 or Python 3.9 is installed.

  • Then, from the command prompt, execute the following command.

    sudo apt-get install python3-tk python3-dev
    sudo pip3 install ClointFusion


ClointFusion can be accessed using one of two methods.

Windows :

  • Terminal : Opens a Python interpreter with “import ClointFusion as cf ” pre-loaded

  • Code Editor or IDE : Import ClointFusion first, and then run the file in Python.

    import ClointFusion as cf

Ubuntu :

  • Terminal : Opens a Python interpreter with the “import ClointFusion as cf” pre-loaded and the required sudo privileges.

    sudo cf_py
  • Code Editor or IDE : Run the file with sudo permissions.

    import ClointFusion as cf
    sudo python3


ClointFusion’s Voice-Guided, Fully Automated Self-Test.

When you import ClointFusion for the first time, or upgrade to a new version, you’ll be prompted with the “ClointFusion’s Automated Self-Test” which highlights all of ClointFusion’s 100+ features in action on your computer while also confirming ClointFusion’s compatibility with your PC’s settings and configurations. Once you have successfully completed the self-test, you will receive an email with a self-test report.

Below is the speed up version of self-test.

Click here to watch the Self-Test in Action.

  • DOST : Your friend in automation || Build RPA Bots without Code

DOST is an interactive Blockly based no-code BOT Builder platform built and optimized for ClointFusion-based BOT building. We feel that automation is important for people other than programmers. Using DOST, even a common man can create a BOT in minutes.

Advantages of DOST

  • Easy to Use.
  • Build BOT in minutes.
  • No prior Programming knowledge needed.

Launch DOST client


Open your favorite browser and go to and start building bots.

Note : Make sure ClointFusion Tray is present or open terminal and type cf_tray to activate ClointFusion Tray menu.


Open your favorite terminal and type sudo dost and then type python3
  • Want to change the chrome profile ?
    • Usepython3 "Profile 1"

Build BOT with DOST : DOST Website

BOL : Your automation voice based assistant

BOL is voice based automation assistant designed to execute BOTs build out of ClointFusion without any human computer interaction.

Usage of BOL

Open your favorite terminal and type bol or sudo bol for ubuntu users. Within a moment, a personalized Virtual Assistant will be at your service.

Note: bol is currently in development stage. More functionalities are yet to be added.

WORK - The Work Hour Monitor

WORK is an intelligent application that detects each and every work you do in your PC and displays a detailed work report.

Usage of WORK

Open your favorite terminal and type cf_work. A detailed work report will be displayed.

*Note: All the information that is being collected by ``WORK`` is stored in a securely maintained database in your system.*

WhatsApp Bot - Send bulk WhatsApp messages

ClointFusion’s “WhatsApp Bot” is an automated utility tool that allows you to send many customized messages to your contacts at once.

Usage of WhatsApp Bot:

Open your favorite terminal and type cf_wm, and give path of the excel, or cf_wm -e excel_path.xlsx

Click here to watch the WhatsApp Bot in Action.

ClointFusion in Action

Now access more than 100 functions (hit ctrl+space in your IDE)

*TIP: You can find and inspect all of ClointFusion’s functions using only one function i.e., ``find()``. Just pass the partial name of the function.*



4 functions on Mouse Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.mouse_click() x=” “, y=” “, left_or_right=”left”, no_of_clicks=1 Clicks at the given X Y Co-ordinates on the screen using ingle / double / triple click(s). Optionally copies selected data to clipboard (works for double / triple clicks)
cf.mouse_move() x=” “, y=” “ Moves the cursor to the given X Y Co-ordinates
cf.mouse_drag_from_to() x1=” “, y1=” “, x2=” “,y2=” “, delay=0.5 Clicks and drags from X1 Y1 co-ordinates to X2 Y2 Co-ordinates on the screen
cf.mouse_search_snip_return_coordinates_x_y() img=” “, wait=180 Searches the given image on the screen and returns its center of X Y co-ordinates.

6 functions on Window Operations (works only in Windows OS):

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.window_show_desktop() None Minimizes all the applications and shows Desktop.
cf.window_get_all_opened_titles_windows() window_title=” “ Gives the title of all the existing (open) windows.
cf.window_activate_and_maximize_windows() windowName=” “ Activates and maximizes the desired window.
cf.window_minimize_windows() windowName=” “ Activates and minimizes the desired window.
cf.window_close_windows() windowName=” “ Close the desired window.
cf.launch_any_exe_bat_application() pathOfExeFile=” “ Launches any exe or batch file or excel file etc.

8 functions on Folder Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.folder_read_text_file() txt_file_path=” “ Reads from a given text file and returns entire contents as a single list
cf.folder_write_text_file() txt_file_path=” “, contents=” “ Writes given contents to a text file
cf.folder_create() strFolderPath=” “ When you are making leaf directory, if any intermediate-level directory is missing, folder_create() method creates them.
cf.folder_create_text_file() textFolderPath=” “, txtFileName=” “ Creates text file in the given path.
cf.folder_get_all_filenames_as_list() strFolderPath=” “, extension=’all’ Get all the files of the given folder in a list.
cf.folder_delete_all_files() fullPathOfTheFolder=” “, file_extension_without_dot=”all” Deletes all the files of the given folder
cf.file_rename() old_file_path=’’, new_file_name=’’, ext=False Renames the given file name to new file name with same extension.
cf.file_get_json_details() path_of_json_file=’’, section=’’ Returns all the details of the given section in a dictionary

28 functions on Excel Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.excel_get_all_sheet_names() excelFilePath=” “ Gives you all names of the sheets in the given excel sheet.
cf.excel_create_excel_file_in_given_folder() fullPathToTheFolder=” “, excelFileName=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1” Creates an excel file in the desired folder with desired filename
cf.excel_if_value_exists() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, usecols=” “, value=” “ Check if a given value exists in given excel. Returns True / False
cf.excel_create_file() fullPathToTheFile=” “, fileName=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1” Create a Excel file in fullPathToTheFile with filename.
cf.excel_copy_paste_range_from_to_sheet() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, startCol=0, startRow=0, endCol=0, endRow=0, copiedData=” “ Pastes the copied data in specific range of the given excel sheet.
cf.excel_get_row_column_count() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0 Gets the row and column count of the provided excel sheet.
cf.excel_copy_range_from_sheet() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, startCol=0, startRow=0, endCol=0, endRow=0 Copies the specific range from the provided excel sheet and returns copied data as a list
cf.excel_split_by_column() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, columnName=” “ Splits the excel file by Column Name
cf.excel_split_the_file_on_row_count() excel_path=” “, sheet_name = “Sheet1”, rowSplitLimit=” “, outputFolderPath=” “, outputTemplateFileName =”Split” Splits the excel file as per given row limit
cf.excel_merge_all_files() input_folder_path=” “, output_folder_path=” “ Merges all the excel files in the given folder
cf.excel_drop_columns() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, columnsToBeDropped = ” “ Drops the desired column from the given excel file
cf.excel_sort_columns() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, firstColumnToBeSorted=None, secondColumnToBeSorted=None, thirdColumnToBeSorted=None, firstColumnSortType=True, secondColumnSortType=True, thirdColumnSortType=True, view_excel=False A function which takes excel full path to excel and column names on which sort is to be performed
cf.excel_clear_sheet() excel_path=” “,sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0 Clears the contents of given excel files keeping header row intact
cf.excel_set_single_cell() excel_path=” “, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, columnName=” “, cellNumber=0, setText=” “ Writes the given text to the desired column/cell number for the given excel file
cf.excel_get_single_cell() excel_path=” “,sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, columnName=” “,cellNumber=0 Gets the text from the desired column/cell number of the given excel file
cf.excel_remove_duplicates() excel_path=” “,sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, columnName=” “, saveResultsInSameExcel=True, which_one_to_keep=”first” Drops the duplicates from the desired Column of the given excel file
cf.excel_vlook_up() filepath_1=” “, sheet_name_1 = “Sheet1”, header_1 = 0, filepath_2=” “, sheet_name_2 = “Sheet1”, header_2 = 0, Output_path=” “, OutputExcelFileName=” “, match_column_name=” “, how=’left’, view_excel=False Performs excel_vlook_up on the given excel files for the desired columns. Possible values for how are “inner”,”left”, “right”, “outer”
cf.excel_describe_data() excel_path=” “,sheet_name=”Sheet1”, header=0, view_excel=False Describe statistical data for the given excel
cf.excel_change_corrupt_xls_to_xlsx() xls_file =’’,xlsx_file = ‘’, xls_sheet_name=’’ Repair corrupt excel file
cf.excel_get_all_header_columns() excel_path=” “,sheet_name=”Sheet1”,header=0 Gives you all column header names of the given excel sheet
cf.excel_convert_to_image() excel_file_path=” “ Returns an Image (PNG) of given Excel
cf.excel_split_on_user_defined_conditions() excel_file_path, sheet_name=”Sheet1”, column_name=’’, condition_strings=None,output_dir=’’, view_excel=False Splits the excel based on user defined row/column conditions
cf.excel_apply_format_as_table() excel_file_path, table_style=”TableStyleMedium21”, sheet_name=”Sheet1” Applies table format to the used range of the given excel
cf.excel_convert_xls_to_xlsx() xls_file_path=’’,xlsx_file_path=’’ Converts given XLS file to XLSX
cf.isNaN() value Returns TRUE if a given value is NaN False otherwise
cf.convert_csv_to_excel() csv_path=” “, sep=” “ Function to convert CSV to Excel
cf.excel_sub_routines() None Excel VBA Macros called from ClointFusion
cf.excel_to_colored_html() formatted_excel_path=” “ Converts given Excel to HTML preserving the Excel format and saves in same folder as .html

3 functions on Keyboard Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.key_hit_enter() write_to_window=” “ Enter key will be pressed once.
cf.key_press() key_1=’’, key_2=’’, key_3=’’, write_to_window=” “ Emulates the given keystrokes.
cf.key_write_enter() text_to_write=” “, write_to_window=” “, delay_after_typing=1, key=”e” Writes/Types the given text and press enter (by default) or tab key.

5 functions on Screen-scraping Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.scrape_save_contents_to_notepad() folderPathToSaveTheNotepad=” “, switch_to_window=” “,X=0, Y=0 Copy pastes all the available text on the screen to notepad and saves it.
cf.scrape_get_contents_by_search_copy_paste() highlightText=” “ Gets the focus on the screen by searching given text using crtl+f and performs copy/paste of all data. Useful in Citrix applications. This is useful in Citrix applications
cf.screen_clear_search() delay=0.2 Clears previously found text (crtl+f highlight)
cf.search_highlight_tab_enter_open() searchText=” “, hitEnterKey=”Yes”, shift_tab=’No’ Searches for a text on screen using crtl+f and hits enter. This function is useful in Citrix environment.
cf.find_text_on_screen() searchText=” “, delay=0.1, occurance=1, isSearchToBeCleared=False Clears previous search and finds the provided text on screen.

11 functions on Browser Operations:

4 functions on Alert Messages:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.message_counter_down_timer() strMsg=”Calling ClointFusion Function in (seconds)”, start_value=5 Function to show count-down timer. Default is 5 seconds.
cf.message_pop_up() strMsg=” “, delay=3 Specified message will popup on the screen for a specified duration of time.
cf.message_flash() msg=” “, delay=3 Specified msg will popup for a specified duration of time with OK button.
cf.message_toast() message,website_url=” “, file_folder_path=” “ Function for displaying Windows 10 Toast Notifications. Pass website URL OR file / folder path that needs to be opened when user clicks on the toast notification.

3 functions on String Operations:

Function Accepted Parameters Description
cf.string_remove_special_characters() inputStr=” “ Removes all the special character.
cf.string_extract_only_alphabets() inputString=” “ Returns only alphabets from given input string
cf.string_extract_only_numbers() inputString=” “ Returns only numbers from given input string

ClointFusion’s Semi Automatic Mode

  1. If you pass all the required parameters, function works silently. So, this is expert (Non-GUI) mode. This mode gives you more control over the function’s parameters.

  2. If you do not pass any parameter, GUI would pop-up asking you the required parameters. Next time, when you run the BOT, based upon your configuration, which you get to choose at the beginning of BOT run:

    • If Semi-Automatic mode is OFF, GUI would pop-up again, showing you the previous entries, allowing you to modify the parameters.
    • If Semi-Automatic mode in ON, BOT works silently taking your previous GUI entries.
    • Toggle Semi-Automatic mode by using the following command
    cf.ON_semi_automatic_mode   # To turn ON semi automatic mode
    cf.OFF_semi_automatic_mode  # To turn OFF semi automatic mode
  3. GUI Mode is for beginners. Anytime, if you are not getting how to use the function, just call an empty function (without parameters) and GUI would pop-up asking you for required parameters.

BOTS made out of ClointFusion

Outlook Email BOT implemented using ClointFusion

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